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We have the most diverse hacks available for minecraft to date. There are far too many different addons and mods to list on this page you need to download it and try it out!

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Our Hacks are thoroughly tested on a daily basis to ensure safety and compatibility with the newest version of the game. We offer all of these updates completely free of charge – just visit our downloads page!

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If you have any questions, comments or recommendations for our downloads package please do not hesitate to drop us a line! We are happy to get your feedback because after all this website is developed for you guys!

Our Minecraft Hacks Downloads are the very best available on the internet today. We create and maintain everything on this website with our in-house development team and we pride ourselves on making our visitors happy. The download package we offer is constantly updated to ensure compatibility and safety. It always includes a plethora of features you can’t find at any other website.

The current feature list:

  •  X-Ray – see wireframes!
  • Wall Hack – see through walls!
  • Way-point traversal – set up a path and automatically walk through it!
  • Auto Fish – Set it and forget it!
  • Dropper – drop other players!
  • Cave Seeker – Find caves with ease.
  • Auto Find Chest – Stop looking for chests!
  • Timers – in many different formats
  • Day / Night Modifiers – choose what time of day it currently is.
  • Speed Hack – choose your speed. From slowing your character down to teleporting you can control everything!
  • Auto Egg – Find eggs.
  • Aimbot – with many modifiers. Never miss again!
  • Fly (superman) mode – go wherever you want!
  • Detach camera – take the camera into observation mode and view whatever you want without moving your character.
  • No-fall – Don’t worry about falling again!
  • Sprint – Another movement modifier.
  • Push Disable – you can no longer be pushed by anything!
  • Shield – become invincible by creating a shield around you that never depletes. It has additional options if you want to be fair.
  • Auto Sign, Auto Tool, Auto Mine, Fast Place, Fast Break, Build and Complete Nuke tool – Simplify building!
  • GUI and console options – choose whether you would prefer using a graphical user interface or entering commands manually in the command line. We included all the commands with options in the downloads package.

And much much more… There are far too many features to simply list here. We are constantly adding new features and we always welcome your suggestions! Just use our contact page and we will get back to you normally within 24 hours.